R&D programs

InVesta facilitates a world-class research program in the field of biomass gasification and the application thereof. ‌

Participation offers clear benefits:

- Efficient use of R&D resources
- Collaboration with world-class companies and institutes in the chain
- Good access to subsidies
- Excellent infrastructure

Consortiums with changing membership are involved in the R&D program and collaborate on relevant themes. This concerns 5 R&D programs in the first instance. InVesta offers parties based at InVesta the relevant infrastructure, such as analytical facilities and access to its network.

Unique opportunities for science,
‌the commercial sector, research,
‌education and innovative companies.

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‌1812 RC Alkmaar
‌The Netherlands


Peter Simões
‌Directeur InVesta
‌ +31 (0)6 270 33 412