From raw biomass
‌to a green economy

The InVesta expertise center brings together groundbreaking technology and specialist expertise in the field of biomass pre-treatment and gasification. Biomass gasification produces higher yields, can be applied on a larger scale and provides better quality gas than fermentation. The high quality sustainable gas can be applied broadly in the production of electricity and heat, as transport fuel, and as a raw material for the chemical industry. It is thus a catalyst in the chain of biobased activities, from sourcing of raw materials and reprocessing to application and commercial exploitation.  

Focus on Biomass gasification

A pillar of InVesta is the development of green gas by means of biomass gasification. In that context, Ambigo is currently developing a demonstration installation at the Park using ECN’s MILENA technology. SCW Systems is currently building a gasification installation on the same industrial estate near the InVesta grounds. SCW Systems is active in technology for supercritical water gasification. This technology concerns the production of product gas from biomass at a high temperature and under high pressure.   

Unique opportunities for science,
‌the commercial sector, research,
‌education and innovative companies.

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