There are many companies in the Netherlands that harbor ambitions in the field of biomass gasification and green gas, but it is difficult for them to further develop and test concepts or prototypes. Many exciting innovations are not developed to end product stage, because entrepreneurs fall foul of the preconditions for successful introduction. It is difficult to find a suitable, affordable, authorized and well-equipped environment for demonstration and testing. Entrepreneurs also often struggle to plug in to knowledge parties and the education sector. Financing can also be a problem, because financiers only come on board once pilots and demos have proved successful. Thanks to an integrated approach (knowledge, coaching, contacts, access to capital, services and work space, InVesta helps entrepreneurs overcome these obstacles, so that ideas can come to fruition quickly.


The InVesta foundation aims to ensure structural reinforcement of the biomass gasification chain in the Netherlands in general and the Energy Valley region in particular. InVesta promotes, facilitates and connects parties to develop and market innovations in the biomass gasification chain. They focus on the whole biomass chain through to the end product. InVesta is of interest to parties wishing to test techniques in the chain. InVesta makes facilities available where pilots and demos can be tested and presented.   


Biomass gasification is an important part of making the Dutch energy provision more sustainable. InVesta is the nexus point where technological developments in the field of biomass gasification and the application of the gases produced takes place. InVesta brings innovations out of the laboratory, develops them further and tests them in pilot and demo scenarios. The primary focus is on gasification technology, but there is also focus on the entire methane chain, both in terms of pre-treatment and post-treatment. InVesta will eventually develop into a major player in biomass processing in the biobased economy.


The objective of the development of InVesta is to make a contribution to:

- The acceleration of technological developments that facilitate the large-scale commercial application of ‘syngas' or ‘product gas’. This applies to the whole chain from biomass to end product.

- To bring together the education, research and commercial sectors to facilitate new technological developments in the field of energy technology.

- To bolster the energy cluster in the North Holland region, the Energy Valley region and the Netherlands by creating employment opportunities and an attractive (international) location in which to be based.

Unique opportunities for science,
‌the commercial sector, research,
‌education and innovative companies.

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