It is the province of Noord-Holland's intention to quickly establish a variety of companies at InVesta; the expertise centre for biomass and gasification technology in Alkmaar. In line with this, the province has decided to adjust the conditions for granting a subsidy to the research centre.

InVesta facilitates companies with conducting research into the production of green gas from wood-like material. Green gas is considered an important substitute for natural gas.

On the condition that a decision had to be made about the construction of Ambigo, the province decided to grant InVesta a subsidy of €960,000 in 2016. Ambigo (previously Milena Olga Esme) is an innovative installation developed by ECN that enables the production of green gas from wood-like material.

Because construction of Ambigo has been delayed, InVesta has not yet received the subsidy. Without this provincial contribution, InVesta cannot properly facilitate companies and make all the necessary investments. Many companies are interested in establishing themselves at InVesta, but if InVesta waits any longer, interested parties are expected to drop out. In addition, there is also the risk of the one million euro subsidy awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs being withdrawn by the end of 2019.

The Provincial Executive does not want the establishment of companies at InVesta to be delayed, and has therefore decided to abandon the condition that links the subsidy to the construction of Ambigo. This means the subsidy amount will be paid shortly. Despite the construction of Ambigo being delayed, based on current interest, InVesta expects to conduct healthy business operations.


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‌Directeur InVesta
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