The InVesta Expertise Centre works closely with the IDEA incubator. Innovative entrepreneurs have a partner with considerable experience in the further development of concepts to market-ready products in the IDEA incubator. IDEA assists entrepreneurs with operational management and puts entrepreneurs in touch with subsidy providers and investors. IDEA can also provide pre-seed funding for the previous stage of development. That creates a close bond with the entrepreneur and we can provide access to all the required knowledge, experience and expertise. 

IDEA recognizes opportunities in the following areas in particular:

- The biobased economy
- Sustainable construction
- Energy generation from sun, wind and water, amongst others.

IDEA is located at InHolland in Alkmaar.

IDEA offers parties:

1) Knowledge and coaching
IDEA can provide access to technical expertise to further develop product concepts into models, prototypes, and ultimately, fully-fledged products. Thanks to the network, IDEA additionally offers access to all the business, legal and commercial expertise necessary to develop products and businesses further and make them successful.

2) Matchmaking
IDEA matches innovative entrepreneurs with other companies and parties (for example, knowledge institutes) that offer added value in developing and executing innovative concepts.

3) Facilities
IDEA provides entrepreneurs with facilities, such as offices, secretarial support, meeting spaces, laboratories and lecture rooms.

Unieke kansen voor wetenschap, bedrijfsleven, onderzoek, onderwijs en innoverende bedrijven.

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Diamantweg 38
‌1812 RC Alkmaar
‌The Netherlands


Peter Simões
‌Directeur InVesta
‌ +31 (0)6 270 33 412